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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

On Wednesday, 16 August 2006, at 04:09:54 (+1000),
David Seikel wrote:

> I'm not assuming anything, I am responding to what you are actually
> saying.

That was the first time you'd actually responded to *me*, and the only
other response you made indirectly to me was about the backend.  I'll
refer you to previous e-mails as to why the filesystem backend has
significant performance issues (re: deltas) which make it
counter-productive toward the performance goal.

> It's not a matter of opinion, you have stated things as fact that
> are not true.

Name one thing.

It's true that SVN is almost always used with DAV and Apache.  Sure,
there are exceptions here and there, but they are the minority.

The BDB backend is THE choice for performance, particularly with
anonymous access.  I haven't heard anyone contradict that.

SVN does not support tagging and branching.  It supports copying,
which creates a copy-on-write replica of part of the repository in
another location in the repository.  While this can perform the same
functions as tagging and branching, it is NOT the same thing.  That's
not an opinion; that is fact.  Tagging is creating a label on a
particular tree at a particular point, not creating a copy of the tree
at that point.  Branching is forking a tree at a particular point.
Copying is closer to branching than tagging, but it's still not the
same.  The fundamental distinction is that tagging and branching
happen *to* a tree; copying is necessarily *outside* the tree.  I'm
sorry if you can't see that, but I (and many other developers) can and
have run into the problems it creates.

> Others have corrected what you have been saying.

Whatever you say.

We're talking about performance here, and I don't see further
discussion of Subversion's capabilities (or lacks thereof) are
furthering that goal.


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