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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

I will try to benchmark cvs, subversion and git today. If this doesn't take me too long I might throw in Mercurial as well.

I'll set up a (insert one of the above SCMs) server on my desktop, with the repository on a tmpfs, with the enlightenment repository, and I'll grab it 100 times with my laptop on tmpfs as well, or maybe even more. 

That way I think I have a pretty good way of assessing exactly how well the server handles that kind of a load. I'll use tmpfs so that, my hdds aren't a bottleneck. The network works quite well, I hit 9MB/s on a regular basis so that should not be a problem either. 

There are basically 3 things I will be checking, and I'll average the results:
1) How much does it take to checkout the repository?
2) What is the average load on the machine during this time, in terms of CPU and Memory
3) How much network bandwidth is being used in the process.

I'll post the exact details when I'm done but I think it's better that we see some hard numbers and not just try to convince everyone to use our own favorite. (Though in the process I hope I'll be able to convince you to use git).

I'll post the exact way I did this so that people may replicate what I've done if anyone desires so.