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Re: [E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

On Mon, 14 Aug 2006 00:03:07 -0400 Michael Jennings <mej@kainx.org> babbled:

> On Monday, 14 August 2006, at 12:08:06 (+0900),
> Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> > anyway - we have been living on caosity's cvs for a while now - but
> > we are killing it (sorry kainx!)
> >
> > so its time to finally bite the bullet and dredge up the issue of us
> > needing servers again.
> What we really need is anoncvs mirrors.  We need systems that we can
> point "anoncvs.enlightenment.org" to.  A nice round-robin DNS should
> solve the load problem quite nicely.

yeah - though that might be harder than we think. the other problem here is
consistency - we want a user using the 1 server once they started as if anon
servers don't update at the same time - they will have problems with
consistency. having a faster/lighter/easier access method (svn? who has
something to say? i prefer the "devil you know" but since this problem keeps
coming up... time to bit the bullet?)

> > here is what i think we need:
> > 
> > 1. devel "cvs" server + future web server (for downloads too of official
> > tarballs etc.)
> > 2. an anonymous "cvs" server and possibly second download mirror.
> > 
> > so 2 systems really.
> The developer CVS server is doing acceptably, is it not?

indeed it is :)

> We are working on obtaining another server for the E project to have
> as its very own.  Hopefully that will pan out.

this was kind of part of what i was getting to - to make sure that we dont
tread on your feet any more - move to our own box - and yes - anoncvs mirrors
will be good - but maybe using svn in the end will make this easier.  i am
broaching the topic to start just this discussion. i am not set on a path at
all - but if we are causing pain - we need to address it.

> > i hear that svn is significantly less load for anonymous access -
> > even developer - who has experience with this server-side? can you
> > confirm or deny?  i would consider a possible move to svn if we can
> > keep our history from cvs.
> It's not true.  SVN requires a lot more overhead (including Apache
> with SVN and DAV modules), uses a BDB backend (you remember your love
> of BDB, right?), and requires DOUBLE the amount of disk space for a
> checkout.  Yes, I said double.  Furthermore, branching and tagging

checkouts from svn are just ridiculous. agreed. but its the server side i am
asking about. as i said - i HEARD it is easier on the server - i am after
details from those having been there, done that. yeah - bdb - oh yay. lets
break format all the time.. ;)

> don't really exist for SVN (it uses "copies" which, while they may be
> zero overhead on the server, are murder on the checkout).  And last I
> checked, you could not keep your history.

i hear there are migration tools - but i will wait to hear what tools they are
and how well they work before ever moving.

> CVS is the devil we know.  There's really nothing we need it to do
> that it doesn't do.  I see no compelling reason to move.

agreed - unless svn is less overhead. that is the question. an svn anon server
serving 1000 users - and then an cvs anon server serving the same src and the
same people - which one consumes less disk io/cpu/memory? thats what i want to
know - and if it is less - is it significantly less? or just like 5% (not worth
worrying about)

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