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[E-devel] cvs, servers and stuff.

It has come to my attention that.... yet again we are killing systems.

yes - we are becoming a burden on yet more cvs servers. we are monsters! :(

anyway - we have been living on caosity's cvs for a while now - but we are
killing it (sorry kainx!)

so its time to finally bite the bullet and dredge up the issue of us needing
servers again.

here is what i think we need:

1. devel "cvs" server + future web server (for downloads too of official
tarballs etc.)
2. an anonymous "cvs" server and possibly second download mirror.

so 2 systems really.

i hear that svn is significantly less load for anonymous access - even
developer - who has experience with this server-side? can you confirm or deny?
i would consider a possible move to svn if we can keep our history from cvs.

so - let the flames begin.

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