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[E-devel] Eveil and Photo : problem in configure.in

Hello there,

I've almost finished splitting debian package building process (I'll post it here when this problem is fixed), but I have a problem with 2 modules : eveil and photo. Dpkg-buildpackage complains about missing version number.

The problem is that "version" variable in configure.in is not replaced by its value when generating "configure" script. Here are the few lines concerned :

#eveil module version


AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(eveil, $version)


AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(MODULE_VERSION, "$version", "Module version")

In generated configure script, "$version" is not replaced by its value. It's because "$version" is not interpreted in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE. On the other hand, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED seems to replace correctly the variable.

I'm a noob in autotools, can someone with more knowledge in autotools fix this problem in eveil and photo ?

I've also read that AC_INIT and AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE are here used with a deprecated form. The following link describe the new syntax and maybe can help in fixing the problem I've mentionned :