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Re: [E-devel] Evas 'shaped' gradient type

> > Not from me, sorry..  :(   Feel free to use it or let it go
> > as you wish.
> who wants to have a go at this?  :) 

	You once asked me to take evas off your plate, and I told
you that I couldn't, and shouldn't, do that.
	There are many things about 'maintaining' such a programing
project that I don't know about, and frankly I don't want to know
about - I'm just not interested.
	For those kinds of things, and *many* others, your involvement
is crucial to the welfare of evas.

	However, for quite a few other things, I've come to feel
that you are actually a detriment, rather than a help, to that lib.

	I can't work on evas as you see fit.. not in good faith
to what I think evas needs, and not to efficient use of my time
or efforts.