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Re: [E-devel] e: Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

	Just to get back to the desired evas xpm and svg image

	I had a chance to test the xpm loader and it seems to
work fine (it's actually difficult to find xpm files these days).
It can do with some cleaning up and some refining but it seems ok
for use as is.

	I've also 'finished' a librsvg based svg loader... but
I'm *very* hesitant to send what I have as is.

	The librsvg api varies in its abilities depending on
versions.. with later versions being far better. But this means
a more complex config setup. Also, I have no way to test this
	I tried to quickly setup a stand-alone test program
for this and found that I have no idea where the "g" related
headers are. After some searching, they seem to be installed
(on my system) in /opt/gnome/include/...  But any attempts to
use these led to multitudes of error messages about undefined
types and such..

	In essence, I know absolutely nothing about using
glib, gdk, etc...

	Maybe that raster fella can lend a hand here :)