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Re: [E-devel] a solution for modules getting too large?

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006 20:39:47 +0000 Hannes Janetzek <rastamasta@gmx.de> babbled:

> Hello,
> how is it possible to get the size to which a gadcon client can maximal
> grow without overlapping with others and also that it doesnt get larger
> as the zone? I thought of implementing a function like 
> e_gadcon_client_max_size_get(E_Gadcon_Client *gcc, int *size );
> that should go trough the list of clients of its gadcon and determine
> their actual size minus the max size that the gadcon can actually get.
> This would also require a new callback in shelf to determine the size
> that it can maximal provide.
> Is this wanted or are there other plans to get rid of the problem
> with modules getting too large? e.g see taskbar.
> I will start making this, if it is ok and has a chance to get accepted.

we need to add  better logic to the layout algorithm to handle these expanding
modules (of which taskbar is an example). a module does have a requested size
and a min and max. what needs to happen is that taskbar needs to ask for a
REQUESTED size but keep its min size much much much smaller (like a square) so
then it can expand and contract but gadcon will limit its size once the shelf
is the size of the screen and all other gadcon clients have been resized to
minimum size.once at this point there is no more room to grow so something has
to not get its requested size - and it has to deal with it sanely.

> Regards,
> Hannes 
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