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Re: [E-devel] e: Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006 14:04:50 GMT "jose_ogp@juno.com"
<jose_ogp@juno.com> wrote:

> > > Well, the xpm loader is ready.. I see a few other imlib2
> > 
> > Cool, thanks.  I'm looking forward to seeing that committed.
> 	Ok, in case you want to try the xpm loader, I'm attaching
> a tgz file with the mininmum stuff it requires :)
> 	The loader itself needs some more cleaning up.. it also had
> a bug which I haven't had a chance to adequately fix and instead
> had to go around it -- but it 'should' work (note: untested!).
> 	I've only made the minimal changes to the config stuff
> to get it to build.. someone more capable may want to do a better
> job there..

I've finished coding for the day, and I'll be busy all day tomorrow, so
you have plenty of time.

On the other hand, the ecore_desktop stuff now attempts to load xpm
and svg files as per the FDO spec, which will fail for those particular
icons until your changes get committed.  Just jumping the gun a little,
and not a problem since it was likely to fail to find image files for
those icons anyway.

Ecore_desktop needs a clean up itself.  So we will likely both get
these bits completed sometime in the near future.

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