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Re: [E-devel] e: Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

> >       Well, the xpm loader is ready.. I see a few other imlib2
> > loaders that may be desirable (eg. an xcf one), if anyone would
> > like to have any others ported now while I'm at it, do speak up
> > before I move on and start digging into librsvg.
> Just a couple quick notes on the porting. Some of the imlib2_loaders
> (xcf in particular) are GPL and won't be able to go into evas
> directly, so you may need to create a separate loaders branch for
> evas too.

	Well, I'll send the xpm one with only the min to get it
working.. I don't really see anything in there about licensing at
all.. but if there is something with that one in particular, someone
else who knows about such (and about config stuff) may want to look
at it.

> Also, if you're working on the XCF loader, keep an eye out for
> an endianess bug, I believe I ran into one a while back, but put
> off fixing it and forgot about it.

	Ahhhh.. Ok, thanks for the heads-up on it. It does look a bit
involved.. I may leave it for later, though it would be nice to be
able to load gimp image files (somehow).