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[E-devel] e: Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

	David writes:

> The user is the logged in user that will be seeing the icons.
> There is a default size of 48x48 if the user doesn't use some
> method of selecting other sizes.  There is an fdo specified
> algorithm for searching amongst any installed icon sets for an
> icon that closely matches that size.  In the case of SVG, the
> code is simply expected to render to the user chosen (or default)
> size.
> Also part of the fdo algo is fallback options, default themes,
> inherited icons amongst themes, it's quite complex.  I have not
> only studied the spec, but implemented it.

	Ahhh... I see. Ok, I'm convinced, thanks.. and well done :)

	Well, the xpm loader is ready.. I see a few other imlib2
loaders that may be desirable (eg. an xcf one), if anyone would like
to have any others ported now while I'm at it, do speak up before
I move on and start digging into librsvg.