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Re: [E-devel] Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

	David writes:

> In the context of this thread, the freedesktop.org specs say that
> the user specifies the size in pixels of icons that they want, and
> for svg's, that means we need to render to that particular size.
> There is a default icon size of 48x48 if the user didn't specify
> a size.
	I've never looked at the fdo spec in question, but are you
sure that it insists on icons being displayed at some restricted
size?  This seems like a rather large step into fixing/determining
policy... Who is this "user" who specifies the size? And is it the
must-be-rendered size or a preferred size or an available icon size?
	Is it possible the spec means that icons are to be provided
in some set of sizes.. rather than that they must be rendered at
some set of sizes?

	In any case, evas can scale images quite well, so things
can be displayed at whatever size desired (it's just that it's
best to have the desired size as close as possible to the image's
intrinsic size).