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[E-devel] Q about mail module

Hey all,

I think, that this question mainly have to be adressed to devilhorns.
Basically I have the problem with mail module.

My config is the following:

Mailbox: Maildir
Name: local
New Mail Path: /home/me/Maildir/new/
Current Mail Path: /home/me/Maildir/cur/

So I want to have sound playing when new mail arrives. I set 'Start
Program When New Mail Arrives' checkbox, and put the following line
into 'Program' field : esdplay /usr/local/share/sounds/aa.wav

Although sound is playing on new mail, I have my E freezing after some
time. I did not have E freezing before I set the programm above.

Does anyone can report something similar ?



Aleksej Struk
Master Degree Student
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Faculty of Computer Science
phone: +39-0471-061749
cell phone: +39-3204627049 +370-61278908
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