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Re: [E-devel] Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

	Carsten writes:

> XPM is not hard - loader is in imlbi2 - can be snarfed in.
> svg - well - a bigger issue - but i think we can avoid it for
> now and just display "default" icons in place. as long the the
> "icon finder" routine will return null when no icon can be
> found given the params - the code can fall back  :) 

	I can port the xpm loader over if no one else wants to do
so (I thought someone had done this already?).

	As far as the svg loading:  We've already mentioned using
librsvg for that - I can give it a try and see how well it can
be made to work if no one else wants to do so..

	As to the issue of loading images at some specified size:
  First, let me note that svg docs do have an intrinsic size that
one can read form the doc.. it's just that the w, h can be given
in all sorts of units -- inches, cm, pts,... even user coord units
(aka pixels).
	I believe that librsvg will either read the display dpi or
assume a default value (likely 90 for both x and y), or allow one
to set them, and then uses this to return pixel sizes for the image
size. It also seems to allow one to set the pixel size to render
the doc at - using whatever default dpi is set as a reference
I presume, and then I'd guess by scaling that rendered result to
the requested size.

	As to having a mechanism in evas for specifying a size to
load an image at:  We can do that.. But for now it may be better
to simply load it at its advertised size (and that will hold for
svg docs as well - as mentioned above), and then just set the fill
and obj size accordingly.. ?