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Re: [E-devel] SDL Engine

	Cedric writes:

> Hi,
> 	I started a SDL engine for evas and would like some feedback.
> First it's working and you will see something with evas_sdl_test.
> But I have already a few questions.
> .... 

	Well, I don't know anything about SDL, or how useful that
might be, but it's certainly good work that you got as far as you did

	I'll let raster comment better on this.. but basically, when
it comes to the image caching.. a general caching mechanism needs
to be done yes -- one that can be used for any number of things.
	I had some some thoughts and code for this some while back
and raster and I had discussed it a bit... but it's been sleeping
for some time.

	Note though that the image caching mechanism has both a hash
of 'active' images and a fallback list of 'inactive' images..
	Here, that an object is 'active' means obj ref_count > 0,
and inactive means obj ref_count = 0. If an obj's ref count reaches 0,
it gets removed from the hash of 'active' objs and placed at the head
of the list 'inactive' ones.
	When looking for an obj, first the hash of active objs is tried,
and if not found there, then the list of inactive objs is tried.. if
an obj is found in the inactive list, it gets ref to 1, removed from
the inactive list and added to the active hash...
	What setting the cache size does is to set a max on the memory
used in the inactive list.

	Does your cache implentation follow this sort of pattern?

> In the same idea, what are the purpose of engine_image_border_set, 
> engine_image_border_get and engine_image_format_get ? They seem
> empty in all engine I am looking in.

	The image 'border-set' is only used so far by the xrender
engine, in order to fix some scaling issues of images with borders.

	This may have been a bad time to write a new engine.. ?
There are many things that will change in the engine funcs -- this
is needed in order to add various desirable api capabilities (eg.
transforms and various vgfx related things).

	Maybe raster can give you more feedback :)