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Re: [E-devel] Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

> > > actually - cairo is unlikely to become a main engine - just
> > > because it's extra work with no gain. we use what cairo uses
> > > directly ourselves already. this gives us better control and
> > > better performance.   :)  
> > 
> > 	One never knows.. Always keep an open mind!  :) 
> sure - i did - i got far enough to see cairo only bought us an
> insanely slow enging with no other benefits. i didnt see continued
> work on it useful  :) 

	That was some time ago... cairo has gotten faster since,
and will continue to do so.
	It could also be useful - fast or slow - for certain things,
printing for example.

	There are actually many reasons why it would be good to
have a working cairo engine.

	Setting up a 'generic' cairo engine would allow evas to
have actual engines of the form:


and others...

	The gl-x11 case would be good as I believe that cairo's
'glitz' backend works fine, whereas evas' gl-x11 engine needs lots
of... attention.
	Also, the pdf and ps backends would be useful.

	If the generic cairo engine is setup correctly, these
actual engines would be as easy to obtain from it as is now the
case for similar software engines.. and perhaps simpler for the
xrender and gl cases.