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Re: [E-devel] Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

On Wed, 9 Aug 2006 03:18:41 GMT "jose_ogp@juno.com" <jose_ogp@juno.com> babbled:

> 	David writes:
> > According to the fdo specs, the user is allowed to select an
> > icon size and theme.  The spec contains methods of looking
> > through the search paths to determine what icon themes and
> > sizes are available.  There is a fallback size and theme that
> > every system must supply, but it doesn't have to be the default.
> > B-)
> > This is what makes evas a bad choice, it doesn't currently have
> > an API for "give me this image in this size", let alone taking
> > into account the theme element.  This is also one of the reasons
> > that SVG is too hard, since it's a vector format, a size will
> > need to be specified for evas to load it.
> 	Let's be careful with these statements here. Evas is not
> a "bad choice" for loading renderable formats of some type..
> wether SVG or whatnot.
> 	One could imagine formats that are designed in such a way
> that they require that you specify any number of things in order
> to realize them as some set of pixels..
> 	Assuming you had the means to actually render the format,
> or just have something else render it, you would still need to know
> what the types of attributes are, and then let the user have a
> means of specifying them somehow.
> 	Evas' current image loading api could actually handle most
> anything via the use of the (file, key) pair.. it's just a matter
> of wether or not to do it that way or some other way.
> 	Loading 'SVG icons', at this point in time, really just
> means rendering some static SVG doc at some scale and then using
> that rendered image.. There are libs that can do that, the most
> commonly used by some seems to be 'librsvg', which latest version
> seems to use Cairo for the rendering (and various other libs as
> well.. including glib and gdk I believe).

corect - beyond evas missing a way to say "load size XxY" explicitly when
loading (evas assuming the image format has a size of its own and it will load
that) evas does everything needed. this is a  api call job to add - but then a
matter of adding the loader logic internally.

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