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Re: [E-devel] Entrance Config - YAET

On Wed, 09 Aug 2006 22:20:20 +0100 Essien Ita Essien <essien@wazobialinux.com>

> Stephen Houston wrote:
> >
> >
> > <snip>
> > Its probably not a good idea to use etk or ewl because they are an 
> > extra dependency, and its in entrances best interests to keep it 
> > neutral. Just use evas objects, and edje for the gfx, and you'll be fine.
> >
> i've seriously considered this too. i'm going to sleep on this, and i'm 
> also in touch with xcomp. we'll reach a decision soon enuff. thnx.

sure - and then.. eventually, you need a widget - of some sort, so you
implement it... back to square one. entrance itself can getaway with no widgets
- its "text entry" needs are very simple. but a config tool will need more...

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