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Re: [E-devel] Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

> > >      Loading 'SVG icons', at this point in time, really just
> > > means rendering some static SVG doc at some scale and then
> > > using that rendered image.. There are libs that can do that,
> > > the most commonly used by some seems to be 'librsvg', which
> > > latest version seems to use Cairo for the rendering (and various
> > > other libs as well.. including glib and gdk I believe).
> > 
> > That sounds like a big load of dependencies just to turn vectors
> > into rasters.
> Sure, but it would be an optional dependency. Both KDE and Gnome
> use librsvg, so anyone who needs svg icons would likely already
> have it installed.
> As always, there's a tradeoff between dependencies and duplication
> of effort. As discussed before, fully implementing the SVG spec is
> a load of work no one really wants at the moment.

	The cairo dependency is fine since hopefully it'll become
a 'main' evas engine.. But it's unfortunate that librsvg has to go
thru glib and gdk.. ideally it would keep to a min of xml related
libs say, and draw to a cairo surface say.

	I believe that kde actually has its own implementation of
the parsing (and supports non-static svg docs).. the rendering is
likely done via qt I'd guess.

	The svg spec is a complete mess, it's under-determined,
overly complex, and possibly inconsistent.. But, for some reason,
any w3 spec seems to be viewed by many as liberating and empowering
 -- never mind any problems the specs may have, and never mind that
there's NO community representation whatsoever.
	In any case, unless someone finds a capable svg doc parser
that can be hooked up to modular rendering backends.. librsvg would
would be the obvious choice for using in an evas svg image-loader.