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Re: [E-devel] Using freedesktop.org .desktop files.

	David writes:

> According to the fdo specs, the user is allowed to select an
> icon size and theme.  The spec contains methods of looking
> through the search paths to determine what icon themes and
> sizes are available.  There is a fallback size and theme that
> every system must supply, but it doesn't have to be the default.
> B-)
> This is what makes evas a bad choice, it doesn't currently have
> an API for "give me this image in this size", let alone taking
> into account the theme element.  This is also one of the reasons
> that SVG is too hard, since it's a vector format, a size will
> need to be specified for evas to load it.

	Let's be careful with these statements here. Evas is not
a "bad choice" for loading renderable formats of some type..
wether SVG or whatnot.
	One could imagine formats that are designed in such a way
that they require that you specify any number of things in order
to realize them as some set of pixels..
	Assuming you had the means to actually render the format,
or just have something else render it, you would still need to know
what the types of attributes are, and then let the user have a
means of specifying them somehow.

	Evas' current image loading api could actually handle most
anything via the use of the (file, key) pair.. it's just a matter
of wether or not to do it that way or some other way.

	Loading 'SVG icons', at this point in time, really just
means rendering some static SVG doc at some scale and then using
that rendered image.. There are libs that can do that, the most
commonly used by some seems to be 'librsvg', which latest version
seems to use Cairo for the rendering (and various other libs as
well.. including glib and gdk I believe).