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Re: [E-devel] Evas 'shaped' gradient type

> > If anyone could help out here with a better, fast enough,
> > format-spec-and-decoding-implementation, that would be great  :) 
> > 	[ The implementation of this is done in the function
> > "shaped_setup_geom" of the evas_gradient_shaped.c file ]
> I would consider using \0 for a separator.. makes parsing a snap..
> just search for the nth 0-byte to get the nth field, and you get
> the string without further processing of the base string..
> only downside is you can't use the stock string functions on that
> piece of data, so it would need to be treated like binary data..
> but it might be a worthwhile tradeoff..

	Yeah... Unfortunately though, too much of the canvas and
engine level stuff depends on these input params being a C string.

	In any case, a reasonable version of a format that would
allow for efficiently separating the input string into a triple
(file, key, whatever), without having undesirable limitations on
the file,key pair... would be good.