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Re: [E-devel] Evas 'shaped' gradient type

> >	eg.  "/path_to/image.png:NULL:color"
> Is there a reason you chose "NULL" instead of just leaving the
> field blank? (filename.ext::mode) 
> Also, ':' is a valid character for a filename, so hopefully
> there's a way to escape it?  ("/path/to/foo\:bar.png:NULL:color)

	Unfortunately, no. Your points are more than well taken
though. The primary reasons for choosing this 'format' were:

	1. We need a fast, simple way to decode the input param
string.. This decoding is done possibly twice per rendering.
Things could be done to minimize that need, but not right now as
things stand. In any case, a fast decoding is desired.

	2. The author was lazy, and is somewhat inept with regards
to such matters.. He was thus led towards 'simple' even more than
fast... or anything else for that matter.

	Obviously, (2) is not very satisfactory.

	If anyone could help out here with a better, fast enough,
format-spec-and-decoding-implementation, that would be great :)
	[ The implementation of this is done in the function
"shaped_setup_geom" of the evas_gradient_shaped.c file ]

> > 
> > 	The evas_test_main program contains a sample of how to
> > use this grad type... It can be used to obtain scaling/tiling/
> > rotating/re-coloring of images...
> > 
> I'll try to play with this later this week. Time to throw together
> an old Nintendo style game with rotating color palette animations?
>  :) 

	Ok! Now we're talking! :) :)