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[E-devel] Evas 'shaped' gradient type

Attached is a tgz file containing a patch for a new evas
gradient type named "shaped".

	This type, unlike the others, does not use a described
geometry, but instead uses an image to specify that.
	The type has as its params a string of the form:


Each of file, key, and mode must be present.

   'file' is the name of some image file.
   'key' is the name of some key for loading from eet files --
if no key is desired, then one must write NULL as the key.
   'mode' is one of: alpha, grey, or color.
The mode will determine how the spectrum is used in conjunction
with the image to obtain the result:
	'alpha' uses the image's alpha channel as the index to
the spectrum.
	'grey' uses the image's grey channel, ie. the values
a*(r+g+b)/3, as the index.
	'color' uses all the image's color channels by using the
spectrum as a color-modifier.

	eg.  "/path_to/image.png:NULL:color"

	The evas_test_main program contains a sample of how to
use this grad type... It can be used to obtain scaling/tiling/
rotating/re-coloring of images...


Attachment: grad_shaped.tgz
Description: grad_shaped.tgz