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Re: [E-devel] Evas and the framebuffer

> > 
> >        Just to mildly change the subject here:  Did you ever
> > get that evas 'canvas' object, or subcanvas whatever, worked out?
> no, not at all. i just emulate it using a smart object. don't know
> if its useull beside my use case.

	Oh well.. :(  Maybe it can be done a bit later.

> btw, i have a version of evas totally reorganized (headers, dirs,
> support to build engines outside evas) and some additions to
> support an object engine (usefull for things like evoak) as i
> noticed on a previous mail, evas will change in a while, does my
> changes will be usefull? if so i can contribute them.
	Engine funcs will change, and other internal aspects as well..
Also, the api's semantics will move to premul data/colors.

	Support for building engines outside evas?.. as in engine
modules outside the evas cvs tree?.. ie. you have something like
support for paths-to-engines? I guess that could be useful for
independently developing engines for use with evas.

	What do you mean by an "object engine"?