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[E-devel] Network connection from a different thread

Hi list.

I tried to connect to a jabber server from a different thread, while i
was in the ecore_evas main loop. I tried it in Ruby (XMPP4R and
jabber4r libraries), and in C (Loudmouth library). Loudmouth has an
implented connect function, wich is done in a different thread, and
than calls a callback func. In ruby, I started the threads with

The problem is that I can't connect from a different thread. The thread
stops at connecting (resolving the server's domain). But everything
works fine in the other thread, until I try to connect to the network.
Once I quit ecore main loop, the thread continues without errors
(connection is successful).

How can I connect, while I'm in the main loop (in a different thread,
so the GUI don't freeze)?

Thanks for the help.