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Re: [E-devel] Edje grad objs

I committed a large chunk of the code for edje grads last night. I added
angle and spread to the fill block, and reused the rest of fill (origin,
size) for the grad fill. Angle will be interpolated during transitions,
as will fill. The other params (spectrum, and spread for now) flip at
the halfway point.

I also realized while doing it that I misunderstood how color stops were
defined. I thought the 'distance' parameter was a distance 'from the
previous stop'. Instead its more of a weight on a colors, defining the
relative fraction of the spectra to be close to that color. I guess I
need to dig into evas to see how this is actually implemented...

There are still a few small things to be done:
  * the spectra{} block should be allowed inside other blocks (so you
    can have it in an included file without worrying about where exactly
    its included). edje_cc_handlers.c -- see the /* DUP */ lines for

  * need to check on 'recalc' that the spectrum has actually changed
    before rebuilding the gradient's colors

  * anything else?