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[E-devel] Ecore_List bugs

Hi there,

I notice some "bugs" (or strange behaviour) in the calling policy of
the free-callback in Ecore_List:
- If you call ecore_list_destroy(), the free-callback will indeed be
called on all the elements.
- If you call ecore_list_clear(), the free_cb won't be called.
- ecore_list_remove() doesn't call the free_cb neither. Ok, there is
ecore_list_remove_destroy(), but I just find it really confusing. When
you set a free_cb, you usually want it to be called when you remove an

Another thing, why is there a distinction between Ecore_List and
Ecore_DList? It is just to save a pointer per node in the memory?
Because, I don't think it is worth it, and it's just confusing imho.