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[E-devel] UPDATE: Re: [e-users] E17 coding funds: ...

On Fri, 14 Jul 2006 11:56:35 +0900 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
<raster@rasterman.com> babbled:

OK - an update on this. So far I have no info on the funds side - that is still
open. It was proposed it works as a per-hour spent basis but I suggested
bounties might be better as it can reflect the relative importance as well as
difficulty of a task. It also simplifies things.

The person with the money power has been away for the past week and will not be
back until the weekend. So I can't do anything there until they are back.

As for things to do - so far they don't seem bothered by bugs too much - not
crash or stability or utter "wrong behavior" bugs - other than the old efm
fileman code - which i will get to in a bit.

they want ibar to be easier to configure - removing icons is easy. adding them
- not so much. we have a todo item that solves this (access to ALL apps - then
dnd from there to ibar). hook this dialog in from ibar (right menu) control
panel and maybe man menu and presto. also some feedback lettign you know an
icon was deleted from ibar when u dnd it out would be good - not just it
vanishing. also as i mentioned before - maybe its time we just it the bullet
and supported .desktop files for apps for ibar/menus etc - the problem is we
are treating icons like .desktop+png files - everyone wants to treat them that
way. no one wants to make things that can use the power of edje for icons - so
may as well give up and just add the ability to use edje files for the icon
image as a bonus.

and then a host of issues to do with efm and fileselector. the new fsel they
haven't seen yet but it solves a lot but needs improving and bringing fully up
to snuff. the new fsel code is using the new fm code and its just up to the
task of listing and selecting files - it needs proper mime detection and much

> OK - I'm putting out some feelers here to see...
> Of all you guys out there - would you ant to get paid bounties for
> finishingoff some TODO items for E17? for fixing certain bugs? Do you have
> the time letssay over the next coming month to work on this - in return for a
> little cashfor your time and effort? who is up for it? I mean SERIOUS offers
> only - peoplewho do have or can make the time and do have the skills to do
> the work? We have work that covers: Coding (new code)Debugging (fix known
> bugs)Artwork (draw us some icons bay-bee)Theme work (en-masse cleanups of the
> default theme - especially namespace forparts, groups and signal names) As
> extra motivation - we may not just have some funds available - but also
> theability to become the default desktop for a few 10,000 installs of
> Linux... soif E can't motivate you, and money doesn't do the trick - maybe
> being part ofpushing a nice desktop out for Linux might do it? Can we keep
> this thread down to only those who want to participate - and not astring of
> comments as I want to track who is willing to do what and I haveenough mail
> to track as-is.

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