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Re: [E-devel] [ECORE][PATCH]Ecore Daemon

David Seikel wrote:
On Mon, 24 Jul 2006 20:58:27 +0100 Essien Ita Essien
<essien@wazobialinux.com> wrote:

Doing some more cleanups in Entrance has led me to require a proper daemon library in the EFL. After acertaining that none such existed, I've ported a small library which i use for my personal coding to an Ecore subsystem Ecore_Daemon.

I've just woken up and haven't had my morning caffiene yet, but did you
check out ecore_exe?  It may not do exactly what you want, but I bet it
comes close, and would only require some tweaking.
hmm... didn't check out ecore_exe. I poked around on irc and no one seemed to think something existed to do that. So now that you mention it, I'll look thru. I'll also appreciate it if (after your caffeine takes hold of you :P) you can look thru with an eye of seeing if this can be part of ecore_exe or if it needs to be standalone.


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