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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

Brain, thanks for taking the time to move this from IRC to the list.

On 7/21/06, brian.mattern@gmail.com <brian.mattern@gmail.com> wrote:
As many may have noticed, e's official website, enlightenmnet.org is
pretty painfully out of date. The screenshots on the front page are all
from e16, and there have been a total of 3 news items this year.

This brings up an issue. When visiting E.org, you'd get the impression
that we are focusing on E16, and not E17. We have a small paragraph at
the bottom that mentions E17, but I believe that its not enough.
Although E17 has not made an official release or beta yet, I would
dedicate most of the space on our front page to it.

I know Ben (the peudo-official web maintainer) has been super busy with
work and Opensolaris, and has a personal distaste for CMSs (such as the
one e.org currently uses, XSM). I believe the whole point of originally
moving to a CMS was to allow a much larger group of people to contribute
to the site's content, but that hasn't happened yet.

Having a CMS does make it easier for people to update the site, as it
requirs minimal knowledge. All you need to know is how to write text
and upload images using the supplied web form. I think that the bigger
problem we have right now is that we don't have anyone that is willing
to update the site on a regular basis. I see two ways out of this.

1) Assign a web maintainer who's task is to constantly keep the site
fresh with news from the mailing lists, CVS, and IRC.

2) Create sub-teams in the E development team (we sort of have that
now), and assign a web maintainer in each team. This maintainer would
be responsible for updating the site with news about his team's
development progress and efforts. One for E, one for Etk, one for Ewl,
one for Evas etc...

So, I'd like to propose that we do a few things.

First, restructure the front page to contain a brief description of what
the Enlightenment project is, followed by news items that get regularly
updated. Whenever an asparagus release is made, a note should be added.
Whenever new fun features are added, or obscure bugs finally squashed, a
note should be added. We needed at least two or three people who are
familiar enough with whats going on to take on these responsibilities.

Agreed. The front page needs to constantly update and change. If the
page is the same for too long, given that we *should* be making
visible progress, people will feel frustrated with the project and
will not be able to stay informed. People should not be subscribed to
a mailing list (or several ones) to stay up to date with E. Something
similar to the (quite) old E website would be nice. An introduction
about E/EFL, a box that has the latest E16/E17 release with a version
and timestamp, and maybe some other similar things we can discuss.
Following that, a news section would be the best idea.

Next, I know there have been a few issues with XSM and sf.net. When a
change is made, the entire site is rebuilt and re-uploaded to sf.net.
This can take a few minutes, and isn't always successful (sometimes
resulting in a blank front page). Is there any chance we could move
e.org onto a non-sf server (one that we can have XSM running locally
on)? Would CaOS be willing to host the website also? (its static, so
shouldn't be much more load on top of cvs).

I don't have any comments here, just the fact that avoiding XSM's
update system over ssh would be wise, as Andy noted.

Finally, I think we need some sort of intro doc on how to use XSM, and
a small guideline doc on what goes where on the website.



Hisham Mardam Bey
MSc (Computer Science)
Codito Ergo Sum (I Code Therefore I Am)