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Re: [E-devel] E17 coding funds: Who wants to get paid to fix bugs and finish off todo items for E17?

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> OK - I'm putting out some feelers here to see...
> Of all you guys out there - would you ant to get paid bounties for finishing
> off some TODO items for E17? for fixing certain bugs? Do you have the time lets
> say over the next coming month to work on this - in return for a little cash
> for your time and effort? who is up for it? I mean SERIOUS offers only - people
> who do have or can make the time and do have the skills to do the work?
> We have work that covers:
> Coding (new code)
> Debugging (fix known bugs)
> Artwork (draw us some icons bay-bee)
> Theme work (en-masse cleanups of the default theme - especially namespace for
> parts, groups and signal names)
> As extra motivation - we may not just have some funds available - but also the
> ability to become the default desktop for a few 10,000 installs of Linux... so
> if E can't motivate you, and money doesn't do the trick - maybe being part of
> pushing a nice desktop out for Linux might do it?
> Can we keep this thread down to only those who want to participate - and not a
> string of comments as I want to track who is willing to do what and I have
> enough mail to track as-is.
Artwork is what I would like to and can do.

As my coding is limited to python ;)

Do you have some specs and/or style guidelines I can look at?

PS: My WACOM board was waiting for a reason to get used again.
It is a pity that things have to bring in money this days to allow me
spend time on them :(

Dominik (Slalomsk8er) Riva