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Re: [E-devel] Maximize loses border type bug

Chady Kassouf wrote:

I was tracking down the bug for "maximize loses border type" and found the following:

The border name is being nulled at: e_border.c in the eval function around the line 5100 or so, and later down that function it's being reset to default. But I'm not familiar with X stuff, so I'm not sure why is it being nulled there (and in several other places for that matter), so if anyone has any idea, I think that's where it needs fixing.

When an action happens that will change the border it is set to null and a flag is set to indicate that the border has changed. Then there is one place that the change is trapped, and this place should find out which border is now the correct to use.

Maybe the evaluation order is wrong, I don't know. Previously there was a real mess where border changes were put everywhere, so I moved it to one place. Unfortunately I didn't have time to debug it well, so some small fixes are still needed.