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Re: [E-devel] Debian packages for e_modules

On Sun, 16 Jul 2006 21:07:45 +0200 N-Mi <nmi3@free.fr> wrote:

> David Seikel a écrit :
> > 
> > Autotools and compiling can both benefit from their own caching
> > mechanisms. 
> I was about to make another post (as it doesn't apply only to
> e_modules) to make a suggestion on autotools caching capabilities. I
> don't really understand autotools, but I've experienced a good
> speedup on executing ./configure script with "--cache-file=FILE"
> option (with a same file used for all libs/apps). Is this that sort
> of caching mechanism you're talking about ?

Yes, and I recently added that to the easy_e17.sh build script.  There
is also ccache which I have yet to try out, but that adds an extra
build time dependency, so I don't know if I should add it to
easy_e17.sh yet.  Maybe only use ccache if it is detected on the users

> > So I vote for method 2.  I must admit that I know nothing about the
> > debian package creation process though.  Maybe we can do the same
> > as is done for the e_modules autotools, allow each module to be
> > built individually, AND have a "build all at once" option?
> I don't know how to make this using a debian way (and if there's a
> clean way to do that). For me, a very simple way to build all at once
> would be to provide a script like this in e_modules directory :
> for i in */
> 	do
> 	if [ -d $i/debian ]
> 	then
> 		cd $i
> 		dpkg-buildpackage "$@" || exit 1
> 		cd ..
> 	fi
> done

That's essentially how the e_modules build it all at once autofoo is

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