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Re: [E-devel] Line breaks in Edje

On 16/07/06, Andrew Sevcsik <sevcsik@citromail.hu > wrote:
Hi list.

How can I insert a line break to an Edje text part? \n doesn't work...
Is there a possibility for automatic line breaks?



From memory I don't think you can explicitly tell an Edje TEXT part where to add a line break, but you can if you use an Edje TEXTBLOCK type you can. TEXTBLOCKs can handle various markup tags. In this case you would need to use <br> for the link break.

Take a look in  e17/libs/edje/data/src/e_logo.edc  for TEXT and TEXTBLOCK for examples. There are more TEXTBLOCK egs in the main e17 code too of course.