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Re: [E-devel] E17 coding funds: Who wants to get paid to fix bugs and finish off todo items for E17

Id be really interested. I just finished my exams yesterday and were looking for
something to do this summer. I can code and i can draw (i have played with edje
before too). the problem is due to exams im not really very up to date with the e
project. if somebody pointed out a non critical work which i can have a look at,
it would be great.

btw: im working in some efl based projects at my own, not really sure if ill
relase something to the public, and im not hoping to be paid for that, but you
will start to see me in irc one of these days...:)

When i move to other city and get installed ill  have a serious look at current e
state and will make a real proposition

See you,


:: yiyu :: y-i-y-u-s.deviantart.com