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Re: [E-devel] [Patch] e17 maximize actions

On 15/07/06, The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <raster@rasterman.com> wrote:
On Thu, 13 Jul 2006 20:30:31 -0400 dan sinclair <zero@perplexity.org> babbled:

> All,
> I noticed a bug in the todo list:
>  * BUG: Doing an action to vertically maximize/minimize a window results in
>   in the window being horizontally maximized/minimized as well (& vice
> versa)
> I've attached a fix here. If it seems correct I can commit it (It works
> for me). I'm not sure if the comment I removed was a statement (it isn't
> suppost to ever work) or it was a comment (this doesn't work, we should
> fix it).
> Either way, let me know.

seee cvs commits :)

Hi guys!

I see that this works now when I go to the border menu and do the selection of vert/horiz max there,
Previously I also used to be able to do <alt><f10> and <ctrl><f10> to toggle this as well.
My habitual terminal opening key sequence was often <ctrl><alt><insert> then <ctrl> or <alt><f10> to maximize it :-)

Another thing (which I don't think has ever worked as I expected) is in the border menu, the checkboxes for maximization seems weird.
If you turn one on, they all turn on. And then if you are already, say, horizontally maximised, you aren't allowed to then toggle directly into another state of maximization - you have to un-horizontally maximize first, then remaximise the way you want. If you are maximised, you can't just horizontally unmaximise either.

To be exhaustive! The different transitions between maximisation states that I'd like to be able to toggle between are like below:
(I'm ignoring "fullscreen" mode here - not sure how that should fit in):

0 Not maximized
       -> can horizontally maximize (to state 1)
       -> can vertically maximize (to state 2)
       -> can fully maximize (to state 3)

1 Horizontally maximized
       -> can horizontally unmaximize (to state 0)
       -> can vertically maximise (to state 3)
       -> can fully maximize (to state 3)

2 Vertically maximized
       -> can horizontally maximize (to state 3)
       -> can vertically unmaximize (to state 0)
       -> can fully maximize (to state 3)

3 Fully maximized
       -> can horizontally unmaximize (to state 2)
       -> can vertically unmaximize (to state 1)
       -> can unmaximze (to state 0)

In state's 0, there should obviously be no checkboxes checked in the border menu for maximization, in states 1 and 2, one only check box depending on which direction the window was maximized in, and then in state 3, either all check boxes toggled on, or only the "fully" maximized checkbox toggled on (not sure which is better for that 3rd state - all, or just one - maybe one would be consistent with the idea of "states", but I don't know if grandma would think about it like that...).

Does this seem sensible?
I have been thinking of working with this functionality along these lines myself at some point - not sure when I'm likely to get to it though, so if someone takes away my fun first, I'll live with it :-)