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Re: [E-devel] e_border redraw help needed

Sounds like your composite manager is preventing E from receiving
expose events (and maybe some other events) for its windows. The
solution is not to force a redraw, but to find why these events are
not being received.

xcomp has been working on a composite manager in CVS called bling,
that might give you some hints to find the problem.

Good luck,

On 7/13/06, mista <rastamasta@gmx.de> wrote:

it might be a stupid question, but I tried some time to figure out
how the border frame gets redrawn when switching desktops.  The thing
is I´m experimenting with a compositor for e17 and for the first
sketches it works surprisingly well:)
My big problem is that when I switch from a desktop with bordered(the
edje frame) windows and then switch back to it the frame doesn´t get
redrawn. though the border is surely there since menu and buttons work
in the invisible area and the frame gets shown when it is resized.

Any hint for what is needed to have  a e_border_redraw() function is
much appreciated.


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