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[E-devel] [Evas] key_down events' params are not set with accented chars


I'm using the "string" param of the key_down events of Evas
(i.e. event->string) to get the UTF-8 string to insert in the entries
of Etk when a key is pressed.
But it seems the params of the key_down events are no longer set when
an accented key ('é' for example) is pressed: event->key, event->string
and event->compose are all set to NULL. I can be reproduce the problem
in e17: I can't type accented chars in the entries of e17 although I
could do it before.
If I remember correctly, raster told me that ->string or ->compose
depended on the config of xorg, so maybe it's because my xorg config
is incorrect, but here, even ->key is set to NULL.

Simon TRENY <MoOm>