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Re: [E-devel] EFL documentation priorities

Am Donnerstag, den 06.07.2006, 13:39 +0300 schrieb kkapelon@freemail.gr:
> What do you feel that is missing from the Ejde book?

More examples, perhaps task-based instead of feature-based, i.e. "So if
you want to have fade something out and something else into the same
position, then do it like that..."

> What would you like to see in the Edje book?

Perhaps more on the interaction of Edje and Evas, i.e. how to work with
swallowed elements, how to use color- and textclasses in a sane way,

> Also if you feel that a new/other document has a higher
> priority than the Edje book and would be more useful
> to the EFL community, please say so!

No! Edje is the most underrated UI library I know atm. - more
documentation has a chance to fix that :)


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