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[E-devel] EFL documentation priorities

So I finished with the EFL introduction.
I included (a slightly modified) stack diagram
of the EFL libraries as designed by Rasterman.

The document will soon appear in the E website
as PDF (fop rendered!) and html too. The XML 
file will be imported in CVS so soon I am accepting
patches for everything. Feel free to change
the figures too.

This document was what _I_ thought was missing from
EFL documentation. I am thinking of updating the Edje
book now. What do you all think?

What do you feel that is missing from the Ejde book?
What is obsolete? What Edje feature have you found
that is not documented? 

What would you like to see in the Edje book?
I have some additions from Brad Anderson which I am going to look
through but anyone is free to say his opinion.

Also if you feel that a new/other document has a higher
priority than the Edje book and would be more useful
to the EFL community, please say so!