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[E-devel] esmart_textarea does not get compiled {broken Makefile?}

Hi All,

I tried looking for the bugzilla location to file a bug for this however i was unable to find the bugzilla locations.
Anyways the problem is;

when I compile esmart "e17/libs/esmart", esmart_text_area ( e17/libs/esmart/src/lib/esmart_textarea ) will not get compiled. Looks like the compilation tools (auto* and Makefile) do not traverse this directory. After running make on the top level ie e17/libs/esmart everything goes fine, so it could have been easily overlooked, unless you try to include Esmart/Esmart_Textarea.h, which will not be /usr/local/include. Also, in the dir (after running make on top level of esmart) e17/libs/esmart/src/lib/esmart_textarea i can see only makefile.am, whereas i gues Makefile.in and Makefile should have been generated.

I am on the latest CVS checkout version.

Navtej Singh