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[E-devel] Entrance Bugfix w/ Xinerama (CVS July 03 2006)

Hello, whoever might read this!

I found a little bug in entrance which caused a minor glitch when a SECONDARY xinerama screen is LEFT of the primary. The Controls would show up on the left screen, while the resolution was that of the right screen. It is pretty simple:

In cvs-src/e17/apps/entrance/src/client/main.c , line 1035:

   evas_object_move(edje, 0, 0);
   evas_object_resize(edje, sw, sh);

should be:

   evas_object_move(edje, sx, sy);
   evas_object_resize(edje, sw, sh);
 sounds logical, doesn't it?
If someone reads this, it would be nice if you can put that into the code.

Thanks a lot, Nico