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Re: [E-devel] Recent Module Api Changes

What I spotted during testing.

Modules that need a higher res icon coz they look ugly in the about
dialog -
snow (also looks bad in the module list)
rain (also looks bad in the module list)
net (the image itself is OK, it's the fake shadow that looks a little

calendar uses a different style of about dialog than all the other

Modules that don't show their icon on the config dialog from the
modules config dialog -
engage (since Andy asked for this, I expect he will update this soon)

Modules that don't show their icon in the config dialog from the shelf
config menu -

Emu has no mouse over for its icon, but the about dialog shows one
image in the border, and the other image in the dialog itself.  Also,
no mouse over on the icon in the module list.  Is there supposed to be
mouse over ability on any of these?  For consistancies sake, I would
like to have the same mouse over on the icons that is on the shelf
gadget.  A general "do any edje stuff for the module icons" would fix
that, at the moment it just seems to pull the graphic out of the eaps,
and ignore the rest of the edje.

Taskbar is really unstable, mbar is slightly unstable.  Eveil doesn't
show itself in the module list.

I'll start fixing up the icons in config dialogs for all e_modules
later today unless someone objects.  I may also look at higher res
icons for those that need it if I can find higher res versions, or if
it's just a matter of settinsg the quality higher in the edje.

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