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[E-devel] Recent Module Api Changes

Hi All,

Just a friendly note about some recent changes.

Firstly, I have committed changes to all the config dialogs so that they use their respective icons in the window border.

Also, I have committed, with help from rasties, some changes to the module api. I've added the ability for modules to use their icon in the about dialogs and the about dialogs border. A screenshot of this is <a href="http://devilhorns.us/images/module_about.png";>shown here</a>.

e_module_dialog_show now takes the module as it's first parameter, followed by title and then text: EAPI void e_module_dialog_show(E_Module *m, const char *title, const char *body);

If you would like a module_dialog that looks the old way ie: using the E logo and enlightenment/modules icon, you can pass NULL as the module parameter and it will default to the older version of module_dialog.

If you get segfaults when clicking About in the module config dialog you should check that you have updated, rebuilt, and installed e17/apps/e and also updated e_modules/* (for whatever modules you use).

Just wanted to let people know about these changes in case they get segfaults when clicking about, and also so that people reading this ml will know what happened, and how to help users if they have problems.