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Re: [E-devel] Actions for window fullscreen

On Sun, 2 Jul 2006 18:26:04 +0530 "R.Ramkumar" <andyetitmoves@gmail.com>

> Hi!
> 1. you aren't using handy existing socket api's like ecore_con.
> > 2. as a result of this and lack of other infrastructure code - this action
> > can
> > block/lock e if the other end of the socket doesn't listen or is hung
> > and/or
> > the buffer fills up. the wm hanging like this is REALLY bad. this socket
> > data
> > dump should be asynchronous and/or done in the background without the wm
> > hanging waiting for the data to write.
> Yeah... I kind of realised that. If you think it is a feature worth getting
> up upstream, I will change it. Otherwise, I just need it for sending data to
> localhost and that doesn't generally hang :)

i noticed - BUT it CAN hang. if i ctrl-z (stop) the app listening on the
socket, or it gets hung in an infinite loop etc. etc. and doesnt empty the
buffer the buffer can fill up and then e get blocked from writing and now e is
hung and cant do anything either. it escalates from there as now u cant change
focus to another app to kill e or the stuck app listening on the socket... not
without a text console (and that's not a valid answer to this problem - one
should not have to resort to them). anyway - yes. it's a decent feature. but it
is too dangerous to let in. if you do it right make it async and non-blocking,
then we are in business :)

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