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Re: [E-devel] Evas Smart objects

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 01:17:03 +0200 "Jorge Luis Zapata Muga"
<jorgeluis.zapata@gmail.com> babbled:

> Hi all,
> i have some doubts-ideas about evas smart objects,
> 1. the API
> in order to add an object to a smart object you have to do
> _member_add(o, s) and to delete _member_del(o,s). On the code of both
> an evas smart object actually stores the members on a list but theres
> no function to retrieve them, Evas_List * _members_get(s), so when you
> code an evas smart obejct and you need to keep track of the objects
> you have, you need to duplicate the list and code a different function
> to do that.

a get call would be useful and a good idea. :)

> 2. the implementation
> ive been playing with smart objects for evoak, so ill explain the case:
> my goal was to create a container, an evas objects container. the
> problem i see is that the evas smart objects where thought for a
> static environment, on the callback of a smart object add you create
> the static objects inside, store them on your list and when something
> happens (move, resize, whatever) you act accord with that and apply
> that to your internal objects. thats fine. but i thought the idea of
> the smart objects was to actually be a sub canvas of evas, so when you
> add an object: evas_object_add(evas) and then add it as a member of
> smart object it is no longer part of the evas objects but of the smart
> objects, so for example a layer change on that is actually a layer
> change inside the layers of the sub canvas, wich in fact the subcanvas
> is in one layer. but not in the evas canvas layers. another example is
> that when you move an object what is member of a smart object it
> should move relative to it, no relative to the evas canvas. dont know
> if i explain myself correctly :)
> so a problem with this is that if you want to move an object that is
> part of smart object you should call a different (own) function to
> calculate all the relative coordinates and move it there.

well no - smart objects are not sub canvases. definitely not. they are  a
overgrown solution to people asking for "object groups" - a way to group
objects together and operate on them as a whole. since how a group would behave
on a move or resize can be so variable, i wrote a very generic mechanism that
doubled as a way to make new object primitives from existing ones, as there is
no way to provide a custom first-class object yet. setting layers of objects
once in a smart object is invalid. :)

> so my question is, the current aproach of evas smart objects in the
> correct way? or my use case is just an specific and doesnt make sense
> to change the behaviour of the smart objects?
> maybe a solution could be to add callbacks for a move, resize,
> layer_set, whatever, but not for the smart object but for the elements
> of a smart object.
> btw, if i made a wrong assumption about smart objects please forgive
> me :) havent used them a lot :)

definitely wrong assumption. they aren't meant for sub-canvases really :)

> bye
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