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Re: [E-devel] uptime module i18n

Massimo Maiurana wrote:
trying to update the italian translation for uptime I found that in
e_mod_main.c there is now this line:

snprintf(users, sizeof(users), D_("user%s: %d"), (inst->nusers != 1)
? "s" : "", inst->nusers);

for what I understand this assumes that the way to obtain a plural
name is to add an "s" in the word, but unfortunately this is true
for english and false for (almost?) every other language.
the result is an untranslatable item (I should remove "%s" to
translate it, but msgfmt will complain about it).


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Fixed this in cvs by adding some if statements are it so that is users == 1 it will print just user, and if users > 1 it will print users. You should now be able to translate "user" and "users".