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Re: [E-devel] E17 catches all keystrokes

On Fri, 30 Jun 2006 12:25:25 -0700 Eric Sandall <eric@sandall.us> babbled:

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> I recently tried to use TightVNC to connect to a Windows server box also
> running TightVNC. The account is of course locked, which requires one to
> press CTRL+ALT+Delete to log in, but e17 is catching this and asking if
> I want to log off. Perhaps e17 should check if the focused window
> catches the keystroke before assuming it is meant for e17?

it can't check this. there is no way of knowing that an app uses a particular
keycombo (as tightvnc is also likely NOT grabbing the keyboard - it's simply
passively listening for keystrokes). tightvnc should have a "trapped kbd/mouse"
mode - qemu has it. vmware has it. basically app grabs whoe keyboard when u
click in it and no wm keybinding works (no other one does too). ALL keys are
available for the app. otherwise there is no way to know app X uses certain
keystroke combos in X - be they passively handles as normal key events or as
passively grabbed keys.

your only choice is to either find out if tightvnc has such a mode to grab the
kbd/mouse ala qemu/vmware or to remvoe e's keybinding for ctrl+alt+del.

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