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Re: [E-devel] e_modules/cpu shelf patch

I would prefer to see net and cpu activity as graphs instead of bars.
the same applies to memory usage, but that's not so critical.  As a
programmer, I test things a lot, including how much cpu, memory, and
network certain software uses.  With only a bar, that means I have to
stare at the bar constantly while doing things to see what effect these
things I am doing have.  With a graph, I can concentrate on doing
stuff, then check the results later.  The graph also gives more
context, by laying the three on top of each other I can track changes
between the three and see if a spike in one is related to a spike in
another.  That's also why I like to stretch these graphs all across the
screen and set them to one second updates, that gives me several
minutes worth of data, and I can track quick spikes.

At the moment only cpu offers a graph, I have to use some other tool to
graph network and memory usage.

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