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Re: [E-devel] EFL High Level documentation draft

Excellent document!

I know a professional editor that I'm going to have look it over. Here's one thing that's jumped out at me so far:

The stack diagram on this[1] page is wrong, I understand that it's explained later as being fundamentally flawed, but even still, it's quite misleading. It should look something like this (pardon my ascii):
|                          Ewl				|
|                         Edje				|
|                      Embryo				|
|			|            Esmart		|
|     Ecore	|-----------------------------|
|			|       Epeg/Epsilon	|
|                          Evas				|
|   X11 (also DirectFB, Cairo, etc.)	|

[1] http://homepages.pathfinder.gr/kazanaki/contrib/ch02.html


On Jun 27, 2006, at 11:51 PM, kkapelon@freemail.gr wrote:

The first full draft of the EFL documentation
is finished. Thanks to Matthew R. Dempsky for
fixing several spelling mistakes (although I am
sure there are more).

Read it online at

Download and view with xpdf

Docbook XML source

and yes I know that hosting sucks!

Always available for feedback.

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